English Summer Camp in Canada 2019

international students minors and adults

visitors to canada

Minors studying in canada

Students under 18 years old are considered minors. There are short and long term programs for them to practice English, learn from other cultures and make lasting friendships:

Elementary School - Middle School - High School

Summer Camp - Winter Camp - English Junior Program

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

adults studying in canada

Studying is the best option for adults to come to Canada. The programs are available with language schools, public and private schools.

Learn or improve English skills from basic to advanced level

Study English for IELTS, TOEFL 

Study English to entrance to university or college

english immersion program

This program is available for students from elementary to high school. Students travel to Canada and attend classes Monday to Friday in one of the Canadian schools as a local student. Students will be placed in a group of students in the same age. Students will have an opportunity to improve their English skills, to learn from other cultures and to make memorable friendships. 

Duration: short term: from 3 weeks to 4 months; long term: 1 semester or 1 year

Schools: Toronto Catholic District School Board, Peel Schools for International Students, Halton Catholic District School Board

grade 12 transition to university or college

Students that want to migrate to Canada to continue graduated studies in Canada must get their transcriptions from grade 10 and 11 validated by us. An amount of Canadian credits will be gained from their studies in their own country and count towards grade 12 in Canada. The additional credits to take in Canada will be assigned according to their career options. At the same time students can prepare to take the IELTS test.

Duration: from 6 to 10 months

Schools: Toronto Catholic District School Board, Peel Schools for International Students, Halton Catholic District School Board, The Erindale Academy

summer camp - winter camp

Students enjoy their vacation time by travelling to Canada and joining a group of students with different nationalities from around the world. During a camp the students will attend 4 hours daily of English class and then will participate of different activities around the city. During the weekend students will spend all day on a trip visiting the most touristic places in Ontario, Canada.

Duration: from 2 weeks to 4 weeks

Schools: Access English, Hansa Language Centre, Peel Schools for International Students

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adult english classes

Enrolling in English classes is the best option to migrate to Canada for many professionals to continue their career in Canada. From basic to advanced English and English for Academic Purposes. After completing English level 7 students can prepare for IELTS test.

Duration: from 4 weeks to 48 weeks

Schools: Hansa Language Centre, Access English, Heartland International, Canadian Learning Language College


study leading to a permanent resident

Coming to Canada with a study permit will allow students to continue studying and to work. Permanent resident is possible for certain study plans. Ask us for options.

custodianship for minors

A&J House provides the services of custodianship and monitoring for minors studying in Canada. We notarize the immigration custodianship and deliver it to your country by certified mail.

all schools are located in the province of ontario.

Map of Canada, Province of Ontario

Streetcar in Toronto