Most of the student's first home in Canada is with a host family. A host family provides a welcoming environment to the student. It is more than a room. We are trusted because we care.

A host family will have a private room in its home specifically for the student. The room is  furnished to have the essential things: bed, desk, lamp, dresser. Along with the room, a host family provides regular breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. A student can do its own laundry and have internet connection. Also, the student can store its own snacks or groceries in a safe place.

who are our host families?

We find a diversity of host families including:

  • Husband, wife and children
  • Husband and wife
  • Retired coupled with grown up children
  • Single mother/father with children
  • Mature single women or men

The most important thing is that all of them are responsible for taking good care of their guest student.  They are Canadian citizens either born in Canada or in any country around the world.


how is my host family Selected?

A host family is selected from a group of families that have trusted us on placing a guest student in its home. We match more of the important customs, food habits, religious orientation and special requirements from the student profile with the host family profile. 

am i allow to cook by myself?

Most of the host families do not allow cooking to the students because of security reason. However, there are families that allow cooking under supervision. If a student is cooking or not, the family will try to eat together at dinner where everybody can enjoy a conversation.

can i trust my child with a host family?

Yes, We manage a selection process to select our host families. Before placing any student with a host family. Families have been visited by us and have its house inspected. Host families have their police record updated every two years. If we do not trust a host family we do not place a student with them.

how far is my host family from school?

Most of the host families are located a walking distance from the school. We accept host families between 45 minutes by bus distance from school.

applying for a host family

To apply for a host family or inquiry about our services in Canada please fill up the contact form or to know more about our host family selection process, conflict resolution process, refund and terms and conditions.

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